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component caterpillar highlights today's list of corporate earnings. caterpillar's expected hit fourth quarter profits, $1.69. revenue indicated at about $16.1 billion and it should be about 7:30 when caterpillar reports. then we're going to talk to doug oberhelm. >> which is very exciting. but why don't we check on how the markets are faring this morning before that news. right now, you'll see if futures are indicated a little lower. dow futures down by less than 17 points. s&p futures off by 1.25 points. as joe was mentioning, there are a lot of records we've been talking about. the dow is off 6% for january. 1989 it gained 8%. at this point, the dow is only about 260 points away from its all-time closing high. the s&p on friday closed above 600 for the first times since back to 2007. we've been watching a lot of things and how they've played out this morning. you can take a look at where things stand in europe. one of the things we've been talking about this morning is apple and exxon. exxon took back its title as the most valuable company in the world. has a market cap of $418 bill
much supply chain help, i believe in the move. really exhibit a is caterpillar. >> "usa today," getting made fun of in some circles, but front page, the words rational exuberance in the words of some money managers. exactly what jim's saying. the market does not yet understand how efficient these american companies are. >> this has been a love affair, of course, that has taken some bad turns in the past. and people's memories are not that short. but on the flip side of this, of course, is this incredible bull market in bonds that we've been following for, i don't know how many years. depends where you want to date it from. as we enter another year here, early in this year, we're once again hearing these cries, that's a theme for the markets. what that has enabled corporate america to do, whether it's simply take a company that might be on the precipice of bankruptcy and make it fairly healthy. that has been a theme here as well. i wonder where that goes if we see this continued increase in the yields in the bonds. >> a couple of things are happening that are virtuous, although fact wous
.s.- made goods in the with the key january jobs report. investors will focus on results from caterpillar, do we for the start of trade this morning. yahoo is up after the bell today. the companies fourth quarter earnings are a big test for c zero more as the mire. the results will be a look into yahoos new business strategy. >> twitter is now worth $9 billion that is to an investment offered by the world's largest asset company. like iraq has launched an $80 million offer to a number of twitter is early employees. the increase in clears up value nation comes during iraqi. for silicon valley. abyla lost more than a third of its value in four months. intel and microsoft are struggling to adapt as smart phones and tablas dominate over pcs. all lanes of westbound as a highway 80 and el cerrito are open after a fatal collision close the road for several hours sunday. the collision at the cutting boulevard off ramp was first reported just before 9:00 p.m.. in a mall the least two cars including a black as tv. one person was killed. all four lanes of highway 80 were closed while the chp investi
machinery manufacturer caterpillar, and a lackluster outlook for this year, didn't hurt its stock price. first the earnings. cat earned a $1.46 per share, down considerably from a year ago, and well below wall street estimates. the company took a $580 million charge due to accounting problems at a chinese company it bought last summer. cat cut its inventories and production due to lower demand for its machines. but shares were stronger, moving up 2%. caterpillar's forecast for this year was very broad but some are optimistic, thinking caterpillar will generate more cash it could use to improve shareholder value. >> really helping their free cash flow situation. >> reporter: one place caterpillar expects to see its business grow is home building. but in december, at least, the number of people signing contracts to buy existing homes fell. so-called pending home sales were down 4.4% last month, coming in below expectations. the national association of realtors said pending sales were hurt by a drop in inventory, with fewer homes for sale, something it expects to improve as we move into th
.e.o. of caterpillar. he worries that "buy american" will end up costing more jobs than it will protect. most of these are exported. >> yes, this is a 777 truck. in our mining truck line, this is one of the smaller trucks. this is a 100-ton truck. >> this is one of the smaller trucks. let me just show everybody the scale here. this is one of the smaller trucks. how much of your product is sold in the united states versus the rest of the world? >> if you got right down to new machine and new engine sales, it's roughly 75-25. >> 75 outside the country. >> yes. >> caterpillar made $16 billion last year by selling its heavy excavators and dump trucks overseas. because of the worldwide recession, caterpillar announced 22,000 layoffs. it's another company desperate for the infrastructure portion of the stimulus package. but it's also counting on other stimulus packages in china, south america, and europe... that is, unless they retaliate. >> if we have a "buy america" clause, other countries are going to have a "buy china," "buy europe," "buy brazil" clause, and they're going to discriminate agains
'm surprised that we've had a narrowing in the spreads. >> and we're starting to talk about caterpillar. we're well in the middle of earnings season. anything there you're focused on? >> i'd like to know how caterpillar is looking at the dollar and if the easing or some of the have helped or hurt them. >> michael gurka, thank you so much. >>> straight ahead, we'll be digging for profits, or at least caterpillar will. they'll be reporting fourth quarter results in just a few hours amid a big write-down at their chinese unit. how much will that weigh on the equipmentmaker? ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at >>> welcome back to the presume. here is a quick check off what's on the program for the united states. we'll be topping it off with friday's no more nonfarm payrolls report. durable goods we go at 8:30 eastern. pending home sales
you. just ahead, is caterpillar a stock to buy? a trader digs in next in chart talk. ÑçÑçÑnÑmÑñoÑmÑw?çç > happy monday to you as well. > is this stock a buy? it is actually down on the year. > > it's down on the year, yes it is. is it a buy? it's hard to say. it's in a nice bull channel from the november lows. it is trading above all its moving averages - the 50-, the 150-, and the 200-day moving average. their earnings should be good. i put on a bull call spread. i don't want to be buying the market up here. we haven't even tested the opening of the year this year. this one is down this year. they had some problems with the chinese company that they bought. maybe an accounting fraud, kind of like an autonomy scandal, in china, so i am long this one through call spreads where i can define my risk vs. reward. there is immediate support on the gap level down at $94. then we have the moving average
is clearly going to be not going to happen today, even though caterpillar has disappointing profits and caterpillar is a dow stock. nonetheless, here is where the overall futures are going to be when he they open up. a gain of maybe 30 points for the dow industrials where we start trading this monday morning. getting close. and for weeks, we've been talking about apple. losing its cool to samsung, now, the wall street journal has caught on. check out the headline from the journal, came out over the weekend, has apple lost its cool to sam sunk? there's the quote. i've got two big stories for you coming from overseas that we're following for you this morning. i'm sorry, i wanted to go for-- to apple, i'm sorry, i'm confusing everybody here. apple, pre-market, where are we, nicole? >> closed at 439 and change, the wall street journal must be watching "varney & company," they're looking down again. stuart: we've got it. 437 roughly on apple at the open and now i do have the two big stories we're following for you, overseas stories, first off, israeli sources tell the times of london tha
'll go on monday with caterpillar. pretty big deal. dealer stats released today show a little weakness. so we'll see how they do in earnings vs. estimates. after the close might get more attention when yahoo reports. people want to analyze marisa mayer's turn-around the stock under performing this month but up 28% in the last six months. tuesday's interesting because dow component pfizer will be somewhat over shadowed. we get numbers from ford. big deal. and amazon with the latter the revenue number to watch is $22 billion. are they still investing heavily? interestingly enough the street average price target for amazon is 293. only about ten bucks or so up from where they are now. on wednesday a lot of focus on boeing. many dreamliner problems post date the quarter but it will still garner attention. the other is facebook of course. the stock is up 20% this month and now in striking distance of its ipo price. thursday, a lot of volume. not quite the names of the previous three days. u.p.s. in a lot of ways is the key over here. it's a nice proxy on growth. the stock is up 12% this mon
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donald's and caterpillar on the back of its earnings, boeing and travelers are the days laggards. verizon and boeing the only finding themselves in the red. bank of america also turning down in the month. disney and united technologies both up better than 9%. and hewlett-packard having the best january up 20%. likely on sympathy for a possible dell deal. because h. rks is actually the worst performing dow component in the last ten months. tough times for all of teches. intel and microsoft also seeing big declines. and home depot riding the housing market. and bank of america lifted by financial sentiment. bank of america though, the worst performer since the 2007 rally. down 78% since then. alcoa down almost as much app and hp down 67%. the biggest winner again home depot. ibm and mcdonald's also up more than 60% since 2007. >> which dow 30 stock should you buy today that will be the big winners? joining me with their picks are harry clark and peter taus. good to see you guys. what kind of a move, harry, do you think the dow makes in the next five to six years? >> earlier today jpmorgan strategists
made by injecting flu jeans into a virus and drink it in caterpillar sells. -- a growing it in caterpillar cells. experts say the quarter production method could be very helpful in the event of a pandemic -- quicker production method could be very helpful in the event of a pandemic p. >> that southern snowstorm yesterday's state south of us. it did put down substantial snow in parts of virginia. those are not clouds. that is not being picked up by the satellite imagery. you can see that stripe there. parts of west virginia, around princeton, 15 inches. a couple inches around raleigh, durham. and through central virginia. some spots the lord eastern shore of maryland as well. -- on the lower eeastern shore of maryland as well. that is what occurred with that storm tracking by yesterday. wider amounts as the storm was moving past as. -- leiter amounts as the storm was moving past us. the cold behind the storm kept a high temperature below normal. the low so far has been 32. with the storm leaving us and high pressure moving in, the skies had cleared from southern new englan
at caterpillar. nicole: worth about 15 positive dow points. it is up 2.2% right now. very busy here for caterpillar. they did have a tough quarter. tough economy. they did have a lot of inventory that they try to cut into a little bit. that outlook here seems to be a little bit better. they are on strategy and keeping online. that is good news for caterpillar. right now, the dow is sitting in positive territory. up 11 of the last 12 trading days. and the nasdaq composite higher by two tenths of 1%. that is the latest here on the floor of the exchange. dagen: thank you, nicole. would this fiscal cliff best rdp resolved if bill clinton was in the white house? >> i think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now. that is not the kind of presidency that we are dealing with right now. dagen: brought their is here with us now. maybe he is just trying to say, hey, i can work with democrats, just not the one that is their. >> this administration is so much not dealing with the issues like deficit and debt. if they were still around, this would not be an issue. he could do with them. he co
? and then there's caterpillar. got the stock flying. but it's almost totally about hope. hope that the market will look through the coming weak numbers. the report said the numbers would be weak and said that would happen too. i don't know, i think that could be a tall order. however, though, i said out loud this morning on "squawk on the street" perhaps i'm not hopeful enough. i thought the whole second half story had to hold a belief, hope that things would get better. the stock scorched higher without me and i'm totally steam shovelled. finally there's intel. oh, my how much i like this company. i used to be an intel hawk going to new fabs. now i feel intel's turned into a helpless giant openly questioned for the big capital expenditures. intel knows that the customer's always right but seems to have the wrong customers, certainly not apple or samsung. you sure wouldn't want to own the stock based on the quarter or the conference call. but what did management hang its hat on? how did they entice you into thinking you should own the stock here? because of hope, hope that the second half of
. > and what do you think about the market winners? microsoft, caterpillar, and google surged yesterday. > > what happened is facebook was talking about what they're building, and they're building a search engine, right? that was the big rumor. and the minute they came out and said they are going to have a search engine, but they are going to have a search engine on facebook to try to give users more time to stay on facebook, what happened to google? google was off to the races. it rallied about $12 when facebook came out with disappointing news. facebook sold off, and what was bad for facebook was good for google, so that one rallied. google is another one with earnings within the next week, so i am going to keep an eye on google for earnings. they disappointed majorly last time on earnings, so it should be interesting to see what happens in that. > good to have you on the show. thanks andrew. > > thank you. members of the house trimmed down the amount of federal assistance included in a bill to help millions affected by superstorm sandy. what may be lost in discussions is that the cut
to be covering, caterpillar of the u.s. will be out with earnings, and it's going to be interesting to see how that plays the game. japan's competitors in japan, namely komutsu and construction machinery. as i said, we're going to start getting erjz out of japan, and kddi, japan's second biggest mobile cell phone user, which carries apple's iphone and ipad as well as softbank as well. ai? >> since the bank of japan decided to deliver mormon taer easing last week, a lot of focus has been on currencies. how are we trading today? >> currencies, we did see quite a bit of volatility last week, but let's look at the earnings right now. look at the dollar/yen. firmly at 90.96 to 98. we did see it touching 90 at one point. euro/yen, 122.44 to 49 as well there. the euro gaining against the yen as well. so that's going to be an interesting factor to see how that plays into today's markets as well. ai? >> what key data can we expect this week other than earnings reports? >> we're going to go through quite a few, but of course the perils due out on friday. also some manufacturing and housing data to two o
weight caterpillar tips things off in earnings before the bell. exxon mobil is also on deck. investors will be looking for clues for how long apple will hold on by largest company by market cap. and more on yahoo!'s turnaround after market close today. >>> a slew of economic data out this week will help determine whether the s&p stays above the 1,500 milestone for the first time since 2007. >>> later this week, we'll see jobs last month and whether the unemployment rate dips below the current 7.8%. >>> you may be hearing buzz about new credit card fees at the cash register thanks to a class action settlement between credit card companies and merchants. don't pack panic, experts don't think many retailers plan to impose that charge. >>> at the pump, gas prices have jumped two cents in the last weeks to $3.34 on average for a gallon of regular. >>> also on the rise, a first-class postage stamp up a penny to 46 cents. >>> a study by the fresh produce association of america shows tomatoes could jump from $2.50 a pound to $5 a pound by this spring if a u.s. trade agreement with mexico ends.
the big game on wall street it's the super bowl of data. this morning industrial heavyweight caterpillar kicks things off with earnings before the bell. exxonmobil is on deck after passing a slinging apple on friday. investors will be looking for clues as to how long it will hold on to the title of largest u.s. company by market capitalization. >>> we'll find out the status of yahoo!'s turn around. a slew of economic data out this week will all help determine whether the s&p can stay above that 1500 milestone it crossed on friday for the first time since 2007. then later this week we'll see how many americans landed new jobs last month and whether the unemployment rate dips below the current 7.8%. you may be hearing some buzz about new credit card fees at the cash register thanks to a class action settlement. don't panic. experts don't think many retailers plan to impose that is your charge. gas prices have jumped two sent to an average of $3.34 for a gallon of regular. also on the rise price of a first class postage stamp now up a penny to 46 cents pap new study by the fresh produce ass
. investors are getting ready for more fourth quarter earnings on wall street. caterpillar and ya lhoo! releas their finances. the dow closed at 13,895, its highest close sin october 31st of 2007. the nasdaq gained 19 points. >>> exxonmobil has once again topped apple as the world's most valuable company. last week apple's stock tumbled more than 14% after the tech giant posted a disappointing profit report. apple first surpassed exxon in the summer of 2011. >>> watch out at checkout if you're using a credit card. some retailers can charge 3% more with credit card purchases. this follows a lawsuit filed in 2005 against mastercard, visa, and other financial institutions. ten states have logged banning to check out fees. >>> maxi foods will reportedly pay up to $30,000 to buy devil dogs, funnybones. hostess announced they were shutting down its business. >>> and han sell & gretel witch hunters cooked up a hot spot. the r-rated action fill raked in $30,000. they plame the cold weather. the supernatural horror film mama came in second and coming in third "silver linings playbook" is up for oscars.
street it is the super bowl of data. this morning, caterpillar kicks things off with earnings before the bill. exxon mobil is also on deck. investors will be looking for clues for how long apple will hold on by largest company by market cap. and more on yahoo!'s turnaround after market close today. >>> a slew of economic data out this week will help determine whether the s&p stays above the 1,500 milestone for the first time since 2007. >>> later this week, we'll see how many americans landed new jobs last month and whether the unemployment rate dips below the current 7.8%. >>> you may be hearing buzz about new credit card fees at the cash register thanks to a class action settlement between credit card companies and merchants. don't pack panic, experts don't think many retailers plan to impose that charge. >>> at the pump, gas prices have jumped two cents in the last weeks to $3.34 on average for a gallon of regular. >>> also on the rise, a first-class postage stamp up a penny to 46 cents. >>> a study by the fresh produce association of america shows tomatoes could jump from $2.50 a
part, you are seeing some names pulling back. retail stocks: drug stocks and bank stocks. caterpillar, which is a name adding ten positive dow points. they talked about recent economic times being taught. however, during the back half of 2013 should look better for caterpillar. that is why you are seeing it within up arrow. it adds about ten positive dow points. we have pending home sales that are similar. furniture, paint, everything. home depot. back to you. lori: thank you, nicole. we will talk more about that later. all kind of excitement surrounding the stock market after all the major indexes begin the weekend at and all your heart. let's ask the president of heritage capital. >> good afternoon. i think that 2013 is going to be a frontloaded year. we will see the biggest gains coming earlier in the year. i am much more cautious, for the first time in a while, frankly. we will not continue up every single day. for a while, the trend should be higher. postdocs are certainly buying opportunities. we will set a high point on the dow and the s&p. i think if we start tacking onto the
on, didn't yell at me. @roymessaros, ph.d. am i diversified? apple, caterpillar, celgene, gilead, yum? let's go to work here. we have a high-quality problem. here we go. caterpillar, industrial machinery company. apple, terrific company. there i said it @jimcramer twitter. why would i want it to go down? my charitable trust owns it. yum, restaurant company. and here is the problem. you've got two of the greatest companies in the world. celgene and gilead. i am going to swap out cgln and keep gilead. and you know what we're going to swap? we're going to put in nike. nike. i'm not worried about -- i was worried about chinese overlap for a second. you know, i am worried. that's a mistake. let's put in ross stores. get a retailer in there. a little just kind of mix it up. a little. i have ross stores, stephanie and i think it's going to go up. >> caller: jim, a big gratitude booyah. >> i'm liking that. you're welcome booyah back at you. >> caller: thank you. i started listening to you about a year and a half ago while i was on unemployment, and anyway, here is my top five from my roth ira
of my hope /no hope thesis and it'll be from caterpillar. because after the bell caterpillar announced a big misconduct problem in china that will cause a huge impairment charge. if you see this stock doesn't come down, well, it's kind of like boeing with the lithium batteries that doesn't go down. then we know perhaps i, a bull, am perhaps too bearish. there's always a bull market somewhere, i promise to try to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tuesday! >>> good evening, everyone, i'm larry kudlow. let me begin tonight with a simple economic message to my republican friends. if you don't communicate and implement a program of deep spending cuts. . including across the board spending sequester, you risk losing control of the house in the 2014 election. why? well, i know the democrats won't cut spending either, but i also know the conservative base of the republican party will stay home or walk away. and, frankly, coming out of your retreat in williamsburg, virginia, i didn't hear the key message of deep spending cuts, not the message that dee
. and it was mind boggling. with that in mind, you have to do it. here is the game plan. we hear from caterpillar. we got dealer numberes from this company. they were not good at all. they were distinctly not so hot, reminding me why. we know they had a gigantic acquisition in china. we know estimates are way too high. we even got an upgrade this week that said that. so in this market, that will be how much should we buy? i'm not kidding, how much should we buy on weakness? that is if we get weakness below where caterpillar is already trading. this market loves you. and all great bull markets have that. they all say, well, look, that was bad, but we see a glass half full here. so please pay close attention to cat. we're going to gauge the progress as she brings out value, unloads pieces because it was so poorly managed. the other night on jim cramer at twitter, someone asked why they didn't buy yahoo!. that would be a great idea. you have one darn cheap stock and a chief executive who knows how to take on google which apple has to do because she's from google. tuesday, we get the results from emc
dividend. it's not done. finally there's caterpillar, today's high-profile earnings name. i want to play it right up front here. when i saw c.a.t.'s numbers, i blanched. they were weaker than i looked for and the outlook wasn't as bullish as i hoped. nobody cared. they're cutting inventories, things will get better later in the year, stock leaped a couple of bucks. when you get a situation where a company reports a not great number and doesn't get hammered but instead goes higher, you can say, oh, that's ridiculous. however, consider when honeywell reported on friday, the u.s. is starting to grow in low single digits. europe's stabilizing and china is growing at 10%. how can we not simply dismiss c.a.t.'s guidance as conservative and buy the stock? and that's what people do. here's the bottom line, you can read through the positive headlines about retail investors coming back, you can play the knee-jerk contrarian game. oh, so they're back, it must be bad. or you can look at the bigger picture, an evolution of an important republican to stop the economic uncertainty. the possibility of i
, who writes my from 90 to 120 list, berkshire hathaway, vmware, celgene, caterpillar, deere, would i be diversified? let's go to work here. berkshire itself is a diversified company. caterpillar, machinery. vm ware, software. deere, machinery, okay, come back, celgene, drugs, yes, we're going to have to get rid of deere if we keep c.a.t., it's too similar, they do tend to trade together. why don't we be in a tech? let's be in qualcomm, just reported a great number, should satisfy everybody. no, not me, just a second. too much like vmware. let's do -- i've got an idea, let's do home depot, a retailer that has nothing to do with the rest of these stocks and is one i'm buying for my charitable trust mitch in arizona. mitch? >> boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> how's it going today? >> been better, thank you. what's up? >> caller: okay. well, i just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great job you guys do. you can't put a price on your entertainment. >> you're terrific, thank you so much. >> these stocks i've had for a couple of years now, i want to see if i am d
of supply tomorrow. sue, it is all yours. >> thank you, rick, i'll take it. we will focus in on caterpillar and bob is back from vacation. thank goodness. down on the floor of the nyse with me. cat coming in, reporting 55% drop in quarterly profits but net income coming in at $697 million, 1.04 a share. shares are up in today's trading session but down about 12% in the year. cat is up about 1 1/3 percent. cat is often thought of as a bell weather. >> it is. >> what is it telling us about specifically in the united states for manufacturing. >> earnings have the potential no grow but it depends on the state of growth. did you see the earnings of caterpillar? 7 to $9? you could drive one of their trucks through that. the reason it is so wide is they specifically said, it is all back-end loaded. depends on global growth in 2013. if we don't get much, you get $7. if we get a lot of global growth, you get $9. >> how much of that is china specific? >> very much. a large part of their sales are good indication is china gdp will grow over 8%. we had a think tank talking about that over the weekend.
for corporate giants. caterpillar, dow chemical and chevron are just a few of them. clayco also oversaw the building of the new busch stadium in st. louis. right now, clayco has a thousand employees - nearly 300 in chicago - a number there that's about to double. in a joint statement, clayco's ceo said "we see chicago as an integeral part of our expansion strategy as we add talent and build clayco into the nation's leading full-service real estate development, architecture, engineering and construction firm." but privatization does have its critics. "how does a citizen hold a private firm accountable for a good that they once received from a government entity?" however, employment search firms were ecstatic. rosemary haefner, human resources vice president at career builder, said, "clayco could have a ripple effect far beyond construction. we see improvement in the sales sector and other ancillary jobs go hand-in-hand with this." manpower called the move "very positive. it reinforces our forecast for an improvement in construction, followed by manufacturing." illinois' state board of el
guess. >> no, it is delusional self mythology. we had a caterpillar plant down in davenport a few months away. the closed that doubt my junior year. i didn't think anything of it. by the time my senior prom rolled around, a gutsy just tell little there was to stand on. the truth was, without the plant, without the industry, we had nothing. and my whole town was -- i am not selling them natural gas. tavis: so you're trying to get rights to the land. this is a piece that you've written, as we established last what do you learn from that process? i assume that as you're writing this stuff, obviously, you're researching, so this isn't just about a creative exercise. you must be learning and growing from this process as well. >> certainly. yeah, when you have something like natural gas as a backdrop, then you have to research. but for me it's really the characters. that's what is really fun. there's something that happens when you're writing. there's this moment where the characters start to talk back, and you just -- they become real, and you can answer -- the dialogue just starts tumbling o
back so quickly. people want to be in. a stock comes off -- look at caterpillar. you know the caterpillar story. i thought it read poorly. you maybe thought the gigantic frog was not so bad. that could be down to 35.70 -- it didn't read well. >> it didn't read well. >> friday night ahead of the holiday -- >> the game plan. >> there's a note on a stock getting play as well. we are short of things to worry about, and long of liquidity, which tends to weaken the resolve of any bear. do you think there are a few things to worry about right now? china coming back? >> look, we have a couple of bad quarters come in. remember, we started strong with earnings, i think. but we found that the next, like ten days, we start recalibrating and saying, maybe things weren't that good. the bank stocks, they were good. and then we got some not-too-good bank earnings last week. retail banks i thought were good. i'm waiting for the semiconductors. intel's quarter was disappointing. it's a mixed picture. but i think intel didn't go down that much. boeing, when they reported, i bet you boeing up
to caterpillar's earnings and the sharply better than expected earnings with equipment used for construction tells me that is indeed worth the price of the equipment. suggests to me that the industry has too much value in it to not be unlocked by a motivated suitor. let's not forget the run by kitchen equipment maker, middlebee when they purchased the viking range system. the company could afford to take a run at the entire $2.3 billion system or seek to purchase the business. which for a while the remaining business. what do you say about a company that mizzed it's projections so far and created a product that might have a 40% failure rate. for most companies, i would say it would be on the 52 week low list. but not if it is johnson and johnson. the reason are, people continue to speculate that j and j will join the ranks of the older high flying farm pharmas. the company made it clear that it is going to start pruning divisions that aren't in the first or second spots. remember, new ceo has come in and he doesn't have to worry about the legacy of his much revered strangely predecessor will
ready for more fourth quarter earnings on wall street. caterpillar and yahoo! released their finances today. so far investors like what they see. the dow shot up 70 points on friday to close at 13 895, its highest close since october 31st of 2007. the nasdaq gained 19 points. >>> exxonmobil has once again topped apple as the world's most valuable company. last week apple's stock tumbled more than 14% after the tech giant posted a disappointing profit report. apple first surpassed exxon in the summer of 2011. >>> watch out for checkout fees if you're using a credit card. some retailers can now charge up to 3% more on credit card purchases. this follows a lawsuit filed in 2005 against mastercard, visa, and other financial institutions. ten states have laws banning the checkout fee. >>> hostess is expected to announce a bidder for drake's snack cakes this week. mckee foods will pay to buy $30 thousand to buy devil dogs, funny bones. hostess announced they were shutting down its business. >>> and han sell & gretel witch hunters cooked up a hot spot. at the box office
rally, and look at this, caterpillar one of the best reporters on the dow. fourth-quarter earnings coming in ahead of street estimates. it expects growth to pick up in the second half of 2013. good news from them. in terms of what is not working, look no further than home builders. all of these names substantially low. that stock had a big 2012, lots of room to fall in a little bit of pressure. what is happening here. pending home sales with the index of contracts signed back in december fell, some more than 4%. economists have been looking for no change, but you have an inventory in the housing market. high flyers like netflix down almost 4% as you can see. research in motion down almost 7%, not going to try and make a run at the blackberry maker and amazon down as you can see. the market is kind of mixed. the traders standing by at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nymex. one of the things on the session friday afternoon was the dow getting so close to 42,000, points away. is that some sort of a resistance level we need to be looking at? >> absolutely. look at a prof
to tracy: half past the hour. let's take a look at the dow 30. caterpillar is your dow 30 loser right now. ashley: let's head down to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides by. nicole: take a look at this market. clearly, five-year highs. >> it will be most psychological and investor minds. what we have been doing is struggling with 1500. i would not be surprised if it ran out of steam again. it does need to pull back a little bit just to build some foundation. eugene on. do you beat the market to kind of common a little bit. i am bullish this year. the market could provide some volatility. you have to pay attention. nicole: any sectors that you are hot on? >> i like financials. i do like names like caterpillar and industrials. names like that will come into real vote. nicole: that is the latest. back to you. tracy: we will see you in 15 minutes. one thing to go into the family business, but in entirely another to make it into one of the fastest growing conglomerate. it is straight from india. liz claman landed a one-on-one with the chairman for that company
, what will my check look like? on a different note, caterpillar , i keep hitting this one. i love that this is a bet on the global economy. i am looking around at all these different global estimates for gdp next year. i think they are extraordinarily low. let's just take some things that have happened over the last couple weeks. japan just elected a guy who is out of his mind. i am not very excited about his money printing policies. this guy is so serious about bringing back the warrior spirit of japan. brazil is being underestimated. the global economy is what will drive caterpillar. i think this stock will be off to the races. connell: i am sure you do not like him out of this deal, but look at stocks. charles: i am making people a lot of money today. this is a knee-jerk reaction. it is a good sign that a sigh of relief rally, but it does not mean much for our economy. it could also be much worse which is what the market is celebrating. connell: charles, next hour, we will see you. time to go back to nicole petallides. nicole: we avoided a disaster. let's celebrate. we are off
rally, look at morgan stanley up 7% today. you have ge, dupont, caterpillar leading the way for the down right now. have i missed the market rally that has been going on the past couple of months? here is the five-year chart. thanks to the rally of the past couple days, the s&p 500, since that low, up 120%. what we will look at in the trade, every hour, in today's trading session, is the fact that the average pe in the stock of the s&p 500 right now is 15. that is the lowest it has been on average since 1988. the average is 2.2%. better than the ten year right now. we will look at some of the companies that are presenting that opportunity for you. connell: more importantly, sandra, more interest in the manti te'o or lance armstrong? sandra: lance armstrong, for sure. i feel horrible for the other one. i respected lance armstrong as an athlete. he really let me down. connell: i am more interested in the manti te'o. dagen: i am fascinated. we know oprah needs to grow a backbone and he needs to grow a conscience. see big thank you, sandra. more on all of this coming up. dagen: i will still
♪ ♪ well there's a lockett in a pocket and horton is a who ♪ ♪ a very hungry caterpillar is on the loose ♪ ♪ butterfly in the sky i can go twice as high ♪ ♪ take a look it's in a book reading rainbow ♪ ♪ reading rainbow ♪ reading rainbow ♪ >> the great jimmy fallon. jimmy? >> thank you so much. >>> that's it for us. it's been an extraordinary year, thank you for watching. >>> hello, everyone, i'm deborah fairic in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed on the headlines. hillary clinton is returning to work tomorrow morning. it will be his first day back since she was sidelined by a stomach virus followed by a concussion and blood clot in her brain. she was released wednesday from a new york hospital. according to her schedule clinton will meet with her assistant secretary tomorrow morning. that meeting is her only public event of the day. >>> president obama plans to nominate chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. reaction is already pouring in, some positive, some not. we'll have much more on the story in a moment. >>> pakistani intelligence officials say a susp
murdoch and the war on caterpillars or they don't care. either way, the war on women is back, in congress and in states all over the country. joining me now is joy reed, managing editor and an msnbc contributor. and laura bassett, a journalist for "the huffington post." thank you both for your time tonight. >> good to be here. >> joy, let me start with you. why are so many republicans determined to do all of this after losing women by 11 points on election day? >> well, reverend, i think you have to remember with paul ryan, you made the exact point which is ryan has always had these extreme views on abortion. when he joined the ticket with mitt romney, he had to stop some of them. ryan is still a potential presidential candidate in 2016. i know that seems a long way off, but he's facing a potential primary, having voted for the fiscal cliff deal which could call his conservative into question. so it is in his interest in terms of primary politics in this republican party, to go as far to the right as he can on social issues. >> when you have something like this, laura, paul ryan, who play
to the low teens. you want the best dog in the kennel? caterpillar. cat is the best dog. everyone seems to recognize it is undervalued after yesterday's sterling performance. this plus it is one of the great china plays, but it lost 1.1% last year after having to revise its bullish forecast downward. my charitable trust is betting it could go up at least 10%. the last time cat guided down big was a couple years ago and man, did that stock take off. how about dupont? down 1.7%. it's cheap, but unless this quarter gives us reaccelerated growth, something that could be impossible given dependence on commodity chemicals. color me nervous about double d. the dow's real tragedies, mcdonalds. intel down 15%, hewlett packard down 44%. mcdonald's can recover some but maybe not all as it does seem the magic is gone. a weak dollar seems like the only tailwind. intel. we know what's bad. how about what's good? balance sheet, leverage to global economy, new ceo. i don't expect intel will be down in 2013. that would be a nice improvement. which leaves hewlett packard. this one put on a suicide vest w
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